At Canadian Home Inspection Services we inspect from the top to the bottom and everything in between.

    We inspect the following:

    • Roofing - flashings and chimney(s)
    • Exterior - gutters & downspouts, soffits & fascia, lot grading, wall surfaces, porches, decks
    • Structure - footings, foundations, walls, floor sills, beams, joists
    • Heating and Cooling Systems - distribution piping
    • Electrical - distribution panel, wiring, GFCI
    • Plumbing - supply, drain pipes, fixtures
    • Insulation - in attic, walls and basement areas
    • Interior - floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, windows, fireplaces/wood stoves, basement/crawl space

    This process takes 2-1/2 to 3 hours. The Inspector goes through his findings step by step with the buyer. Be prepared to ask lots of questions. If you are planning any remodeling in the future, now is a good time to find out what can be done, how to do it and approximate cost.

    NO need to coordinate multiple inspections with multiple companies.  Save time!
    Canadian Home Inspection Services is by far the most complete and comprehensive home inspection company.  One phone call is all it takes to book your multiple inspections for one site.  CHIS is your one stop solution for all inspection needs:

    •    Residential and multi-unit residential
    •    Commercial and multi-unit commercial
    •    Condominiums
    •    WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer)
    •    Pre-list
    •    Pre-sale
    •    Tarion new home warranty
    •    Swimming Pool and Spa Inspection

    •     Environmental Assessment and Testing

    •    UFFI - formaldehyde vapour monitoring
    •    Asbestos and Lead Detection
    •    Lead/Radon VOCs-in-Well Water
    •    Well Water Quality
    •    Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO)/Termites
    •    Indoor air quality
    •    Mold
    •    Radon Gas - short term screening - long term Alpha track testing    - waterborne testing
    •    Carbon Monoxide Testing
    •    Lead Tests for paint, soil, and water
    •    Pests
    •    Septic Systems (many banks are now requiring that inspections are done prior to approving your mortgage. This is because they know that if a septic system needs to be replaced, it can cost the new homeowner $10,000 or more)
    •    Water Testing - To determine the potability of your well or cistern water

      Please Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

    New Home Warranty Inspection:

    Are you buying a new home? Canadian Home Inspection Services can provide you with a pre-delivery inspection.

    Our Report

    • Provides an overview of the house and compares it to similar homes.
    • Identifies potentially significant expenses over the short term with recommendations of repairs, estimated costs and priorities.
    • Is given on site in your Home Reference Manual that also contains a Seasonal Maintenance Checklist and a Home Filing System.

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    We are Canada’s leader and ONLY home inspection company offering all services under one roof, a one-stop solution.  
    Save time. You only need to book one appointment for all inspection services.

    Our inspectors are the most qualified and highly trained professionals in Canada.

    We are dedicated to providing the highest quality home inspections through superior knowledge and customer service.
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